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Hewaida Ramly, B.Arch & M Arch - Art & Architecture - is the Owner & Founder of Jewellery Mountain. She designs & makes all her Articles. Her approach to Jewellery is enriched by her Architectural background and influence of Art. She believes that Art is Central to Human Existence.
Her articles / objects are sometimes based on collected Antique objects which she invested with symbolic association derived from Architecture, Art and her own Culture. This Website brings together a selection of Hallmarked Gold & Sterling Silver Articles, some of which are embellished with Lapis Lazuli & other rare stones, dating back to BC & AD era. The Articles include use of contrast & toning to emphasise Colour and Form.

It is characterised by more  asymmetrical organic, therefore de stabilised Geometry. Ramly believes that a work of Art should be an independent object in the World rather than imitating or embodying else Work.
As Ramly mentions ‘ We will never engage in any kind mass production of any of my work or designs.  

I will carry on creating pieces that are one of a kind, speak to the world about Art & Sculpture to generate  a sense of personal uniqueness in those who buy the work created.                                                                                

The machine destroys the. Soul and Chemistry between the Artist and the Consumer. '
Hewaida has created bespoke pieces for Variable audience including  Artists, Musicians & Scientists
around the World. She has been exhibiting with Craft Central UK, and her artwork has been chosen for the RA - London, Soho - New York, & Germany.

' Intriguing Piece of Jewellery that Accentuates & Defines the Body Part is what every one wants  because Unique things that come from the Mind are the things that truly give Value to what we do ‘ 

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