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Antique Style Rings 

Here is a set of varied Gold Rings, ranging between 22 & 9carat, in certain designs mixed with Sterling Silver. The beauty of those Rings does not lie in the medium used ( Precious Gold ), but in fact the gold came as a second thought to add & highlight the elegant subtle design for this group of Rings.

Trying to go back in time, may be 100 years back, yet not copying but using the old as inspiration giving birth to a new creation for a unique collection. Some do not like Flowers, but love wearing them & vice versa. Here are some abstract designs, geometrical yet very organic, perfect with lots of originalities. 

Have a look and let your eyes enjoy and your heart rejoice.

 Ramly makes all her pieces directly on Metal.

So all limited Edition of 1. 

 For Commissions  & Future Events please Contact me on 

+44  7775  8 23 22 7   o r

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                          Photography by Hewaida Ramly

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