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Intriguing Piece of Jewellery that Accentuates & Defines 

the Body Part is what every Woman wants 

Ramly is a Design Architect, Artist & practicing London based Designer / Maker. 

Her approach to Jewellery is enriched by her Architectural background and influence of Art. She believes that Art is Central to Human Existence.

Her articles / objects are sometimes based on collected antique objects which she invested with symbolic association derived from Architecture, Art and her own Culture. This Website brings together a selection of Hallmarked Sterling Silver Articles some of which are embellished with Lapis Lazuli & other rare stones, dating back to BC era. 

The Articles include use of contrast & toning to emphasise Colour and Form.

It is characterised by more  asymmetrical organic, therefore de stabilised Geometry. Ramly believes that a work of Art should be an independent object in the world rather than imitating or embodying else Work. recipient

As Ramly mention ‘ I will never engage in any kind mass production of any of my work or designs. I will carry on creating pieces that are unique, speak to the world about sculptural Modernism and generate a sense of personal uniqueness in those that buy the work created.

They wear it, or put it up in their houses and project something positive to the word about themselves, how they view design and Art. This would get lost if we went into Mass Production. 

The Soul and Chemistry between the Artist and the Consumer is destroyed when the machine makes the work. 

Hewaida has created bespoke pieces for Artists, Musicians & Scientists around the World. She has been exhibiting with Craft Central UK, and her artwork has been chosen for the RA - London, Soho - New York, & several cities in Germany.

Her main focus is to create bespoke pieces rather than selling through Galleries. She show up occasionally in selected few fairs throughout the year to show & talk about her work to those who admire wearing a selective piece of Jewellery. 

‘ Unique things that comes from the Mind are the things

that truly give Value to what we do ‘ 



 For Commissions  & Future Events Contact us on 

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© 2019 - 2020 copyright Jewellery Mountain by Hewaida Ramly

                          Photography by Hewaida Ramly

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